hungry? ME TOO!

I Love food, no seriously, I LOVE it.

To honor all that is consumed, I've decided to catalog my culinary adventures. I grew up in a household that honored a home cooked meal. However, it wasn't until I studied abroad in Italy that I learned my true passion for eating and cooking. I quickly realized how lucky I was growing up with a mom who loved to cook. I grew up in the kitchen, it comes as second nature to me. And that didn't happen by chance, it happened because of my mom. Most kids grow up watching Saturday morning cartoons, I grew up watching cooking shows. Before Food Network and Cooking channel all we had were Saturday mornings with Julia Childs, Jacques Pepin, and Caprial... My mom and I would write as fast as our little hands could to get the recipes. Did you get that last ingredient? How long does it bake for? It's crazy to think how much has changed since then - AND thank goodness for that!

I recently moved from my hometown Seattle to Chicago. After many long conversations with my mamma discussing recipes and the things I recently made, I decided to start a blog. To share with her, and to share with you, my love. Because in my family, the way we show our love is with food.

Let the culinary adventure begin!


  1. Oh my gosh honey, what a sweet tribute to our good times cooking. I can remember you holding up a raspberry to the light when you were very young and telling me you wanted to look at it under a microscope. You felt the chemical make-up and structure of the berry must be very different and interesting! Wow! I knew then it was love of food and cooking, and something much more! This blog is fantastic...here is to many shared moments of food love over the internet.


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