are you outta your mind?!

That's what I thought when I first saw this dish. It was the Summer after I graduated from College. I was nannying for an amazing family before heading off to grad school in the Fall. I got lucky, really lucky. Not only did I get to spend my days playing with two of the cutest little girls but I also got to work for an incredible woman who also knew a thing or two about cooking! 

One night after work we were talking in her kitchen over a glass of rose. My first rose in fact! It was bright, crisp, and perfectly chilled for a warm summer day in Seattle. She started throwing together all the classic ingredients to make bruschetta. Heirloom tomatoes, red onion, minced garlic, fresh basil... and then she started chopping up peaches. PEACHES?! This woman was out of her mind, gross! I love peaches, don't get me wrong, but peaches in a completely savory dish? It didn't seem to fit. Not wanting to be rude, I took what I thought would be my courtesy bite. HOLY MOLY was my mind blown!!! The peaches somehow took on their savory role ten fold. Juicy like a tomato but bright and a little more fleshy. It made all of the other flavors burst. 

This was the first moment I realized you should never judge a dish by your perception of a food. Who says peaches can't be savory? With that, I STRONGLY urge you to try fresh peach bruschetta, you won't regret it! 

fresh peach bruschetta
1 baguette
2 tomatoes diced
1 ripe peach
1 clove of garlic finely minced
½ a red onion finely diced
~15 fresh basil leaves
3 T. olive oil
salt + pepper 

Set oven to broil. Slice baguette and place on baking sheet. Toast in oven until perfectly golden and crunchy. 

In a separate bowl combine the rest of the ingredients and toss. Place heaping spoonfuls over sliced bread. Enjoy! Could it be any simpler?!

improv style:
don't have any peaches on hand? nectarines or fresh apricots would be a great substitution. you can even use frozen peaches if they aren't in season. i wouldn't recommend the canned kind though, too sugary! you can leave out the onion if you're not a fan of raw onion. be warned though, i'm not a raw onion fan either and i think it's fantastic in this application. just make sure you finely chop it! you can use any kind of tomato...  heirloom, cherry, roma, vine ripened... you get the idea. you could even skip the bread and serve this over some grilled chicken breast or toss it in with some fresh pasta. mmmmmmm! 


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