bahn meatloaf sliders

So remember that post from a few days back where I told you about not being a fan of meatloaf… well, turns out, leftovers of that amazing bahn meatloaf make for REALLY good slider sandwiches. Remember that sauce you saved for later? Yep, slather some of that on a sweet hawaiian roll, a slice or two of your leftover loaf and top with your extra veggies. Hot or cold, these things are killer! 

bahn meatloaf sliders
adapted from bon appetit

leftover bahn meatloaf slices
hawaiian sweet rolls
leftover hoisin glaze
leftover matchstick veggies (carrots, cucumber, radish, cilantro)

you know how to make a slider. assemble and be happy!

improv style:

you can add all sorts of fun things to the sandwiches. how about some onion strings if you ate up all your fresh veggies? your favorite asian sauce would be great if you didn't have leftover glaze (think siracha, hoisin, maybe even a bit of dark soy mixed with ketchup).

no sweet hawaiin rolls? brioche, challah, plain white bread, whole wheat buns, pretty much your favorite chewy bread will do. trying to be healthy? make the meatloaf with ground chicken or turkey breast and do an open face sandwich on whole grain bread. your options are endless!


  1. These look fabulous and now I need to make that meatloaf!

  2. thanks jen! let me know how you like it if you end up making it!

  3. I am an avid hunter and attended a new years day party every year where I make a different venison dish. So when I found this I was wanting to do a venison meatloaf slider and this sounds like a perfect fit. I am already a huge fan of bahn mi's so this was a perfect idea and will be very simple to make as well as healthy because my venison is organic ofcourse and a very lean fat free meat. I can't believe I didn't think of this. Thank you.

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